2020 Events

2/9- Frozen Four Miler

It’s as simple and as stupid of an idea as it sounds! The course layout includes hilly wooded trails and Newbsanity snow banks thrown in along the way! We even have a bathing suit class for the truly insane.

Rescheduled for 7/18 - Mud Gauntlet

The Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet is an insane 5K course featuring 27 hardcore obstacles. You’ll get to choose your difficulty level by taking either the Risk and Reward path or the Tried and True path. This allows for the seasoned athlete and the first-timer to compete together, side‑by‑side.

Monitoring COVID-19 6/14 - Wreck & Roll Relay

Strength athletes rejoice! Here is your chance to get some revenge on the pure runners. Teams of 2 or 4 will take turns completing a series of heavy carries on various wooded trail loops, with some additional Newbsanity surprises along the way.

7/19 - Extreme Ravine

Keeping with Newbsanity core values, the Extreme Ravine will be the gnarliest 5K you have ever done! Expect radical elevation changes on varying terrain, creek crossings, swamp crossings,rocks, roots, ruts, and oh, did we mention extreme elevation changes?

8/22 -Newbsanity Ultra (Saturday Event)

This event will be held on both the Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet course and Extreme Ravine trail system. Athletes will complete as many loops as possible in 4 hours on each course. 

9/20 - Commando Cup

This rugged event is a team obstacle race designed to test your ingenuity, toughness, and ability to work as a single unit.  Each team of four will battle through a series of tests, obstacles and challenges in an effort to hoist the coveted Commando Cup. 





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