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We are adrenaline junkies and fitness enthusiasts who always fall on the right side of crazy.  We embrace new challenges for the thrill and the adventure. We offer everything from corporate team building events to birthday parties. Join us. Start training with us. Become a Newbsaniac. 


"I firmly believe the Empire did nothing wrong - Vader needed cardio tho."

- Jarret Newby Co-Founder

Learn more about our philosophies, our founders, and our amazing facility by clicking below. 

What we do. How we do it.

Our offerings are quite diverse. From personalized training sessions and member specific races & events, to sweet Newbsanity merch that'll make your friends jelly. We've got something for everyone.

Personal training

We offer one-on-one sessions and group workouts. Any season. A little snow or rain has never been known to stop us.



Conquer any, or all, of our many obstacles and you may just find that life's obstacles are more manageable.

corporate events

We can plan and host your next corporate event. Whether its team building or just a much needed break from Gary's pointless Friday meetings. Contact us. We got you fam.


Show everyone that you are made from tougher stuff. Get your Newbsanity branded merch now - your closet is low on threads with cred.

Stay informed. Subscribe to our Newbsletter.

It's totes not spammy. Unless you consider us sending you sweet updates about our new obstacles, reminding you that you should come train with us more, new limited time merch in the shop alerts, and wishing you the worst birthday ever, as spammy. 

We'd want to talk to us too. 

Slide into our DM's. Ask us anything. We're here for you! Just fill out the contact form below and we'll get right back to you. If it's a question specifically for Jarrett, please allow for additional time for us to get back to you as he's probably jumping from a hot air balloon into an ice fishing hole or riding a dragon into space.

Contact Us

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