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Rat Trap

This is no simple rope climb – Grab on tight and don't let go of the mud covered rope as you scale this 15ft monster. The top only marks the half-way point as you will need to summon your courage during the descent through the obstacle.

Storm the Gate

Getting up the 20ft wall might take a team effort, while traversing the cargo net at the top will take nerves of steel.


Trudge through thick knee deep mud while carrying a tire. Make sure to tie your shoes tight! Fun Fact: Eleven lost shoes and counting!

Royal Flush

A Royal Flush in poker is the best hand you can get. A Royal Flush at Newbsanity is the hardest way to climb walls. We have strategically arranged 5 walls in a row at various angles to test your strength and endurance.

Area 51

It wiggles and jiggles but is not your favorite gelatin based dessert. This obstacle will test your strength and balance as you squeeze your way up a floating tube, climb a rope and then traverse a 30 ft balance beam.

Muddy Moat

Slip, slide and scramble your way through a series of waist deep mud pits. Taking a soil sample with your face is not uncommon with this obstacle. 

Frog Pit

Splash - Climb - Splash - Climb - Splash or

Jump - Climb - Jump - Climb - Jump?

Depends on how good you can broad jump...

Commando Wall

With water up to your knees and water pouring down from overhead, staying dry is not an option. The best you can hope for is to not face plant over this slippery aquatic obstacle. 

Joker Lane

Rocks, tires, limbo bar and logs. Just be glad you are running and not trying to ride a motorcycles through this, unless you are also competing in the Clapped Out Nationals. If you are in the second category, just be glad that we require helmets.

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Make sure to carry some speed into this massive 15ft quarter pipe if you want any chance of making it to the top.

Grampa's Beard

This deceptively hard obstacle will make you focus a little harder on your next abs day. Climb the underside of a cargo net down and back up all without letting you body touch the group below.

Pirate's Pass

Maneuvering across a bouncy zig-zagged balance beam is the easy part. To conquer the heart of this obstacle you will need to shimmy sideways on a vertical wall using just your finger tips to hold on. Don't worry about getting muddy because you will constantly be bombarded by icy cold jets of water.

Shark Attack

Slippery cables dangle above icy cold water. It is up to your grip, strength and determination as to whether or not you make it across dry or via the swamp swim express.


Reach for the sky as you pull yourself 20ft to the top of this obstacle. When you make it to the top feel free to look around at the beautiful forest...however you may not want to look down.

Grip or Slip

Remember how fun it was to do monkey bars on the playground when you were a kid? These memories won't be as fun filled.

Fortress Walls

You vs. 10ft wall...GO! Bring your "A" game or a teammate because it is not fun when the wall wins.

Rodeo Rails

Climb up and over a series of log fences. It should be a good warm up for Traffic Jam.

Cobra Crawl

The problem with crawling under barbed wire is it can be pushed up. The problem with Cobra Crawl is that if you don't keep your butt down and face in the mud you might shed a layer of skin from your back.

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