2021 Events 

  • January 3rd: First Winter Workout

  • January 16th: Night Ops Challenge*

  • February 21th: Frozen Four Miler* (Sunday)

  • March 13th: Newbsanity Team Challenge

  • April 7th: First Wednesday Workout

  • April 17th: Newbsanity Team Challenge

  • May 15th: Mud Gauntlet*

  • June 1st-30th: Time Trial Throwdown*

  • June 5th: Newbsanity Team Challenge

  • July 18th: Extreme Ravine* (Sunday)

  • July 25th: Newbsanity Team Challenge

  • August 20th-22nd: Newbsanity Ultra/F.I.T. Challenge Weekend*

  • September 19th: Commando Cup* (Sunday)

  • October 23rd: Awards Banquet

       *Newbsanity Points Series Event

Newbsanity Points Series

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