Time Trial Throwdown
June 24-July 25, 2021

2021 Newbsanity Time Trial Rules & Course Description


There are three components to the Time Trial course. These components are Speed, Strength, and Grip. Participants that do the best across all three components will be the overall champion. These components can be done as individual pieces and do not need to be done in a row or even on the same day. Participants may try these components as many times as they like during the competition window. Participants will be ranked by gender in each component; lowest combined score is how overall placement will be determined. For example, someone who takes 1st in Speed, 5th in Strength, and 2nd in Grip would have a total score of 8 points (1+5+2).

  • Speed Component: participants will start at the Teeter Totters with one foot on the balance beam and one foot on the ground. They will complete this obstacle then proceed to Wind Chimes through the Mud Gauntlet finish line, to Royal Flush. Participants will complete the tall walls one time, or the short walls two times. Next, participants will complete the hard lane of Rat Trap. Participants must start with both hands and feet on the boards under the overhang. Participants who choose the ropes or ladder lane will add 15 seconds to their overall finishing time. Upon exiting Rat Trap, participants will climb the rope to the top, or repeat any lane of Rat Trap with no penalty. To finish, participants will complete RipCurl. Time ends when your entire body is on top of the obstacle. There will be a 15 second penalty for taking the cargo net lane.

  • Strength Component: participants will drag a Commando Sled to the left of the orange cones on the motocross track near Jerry Rigged, around to Dragon Spine. At Dragon Spine, participants will pick up a concrete block with chain and take it through the obstacle, leaving it at the end when completed. Upon exiting Dragon Spine, pick up a Wreckbag and head towards the small walls of Royal Flush. Throw the bag over each of the small walls while completing the obstacle. The bag may only go over one wall at a time. At the end of the small walls, complete the entire loop in reverse (bag over small walls, back to Dragon Spine, through Dragon Spine with concrete block, Commando Sled). All of the weights you carried should end up where they started.

  • Grip Component: participants will have 10 minutes to maximize their score on the grip rig. Before beginning the rig, participants will complete a short farmer’s carry. Time will start as soon as participants pick up the concrete blocks for the farmer’s carry. Points are only awarded for full runs; if you fall off at any point before ringing the bell, you must start over. Participants will earn 1 point for completing the wall lane, 1 point for the ring lane, 2 points for the intermediate lane, and 3 points for the hard lane (you’ll know which one this is). In order to officially complete the Grip component and “certify” your score, participants must complete the farmer’s carry again BEFORE time expires. If you finish the farmer’s carry at 10:01 or later, your score is automatically zero 😊 Strategize accordingly! **Please note that we will need to take down or change the rig to accommodate kid’s nights or other private events, so please let Ali or Jarrett know if you are heading up to do the Grip component so we can be sure the rig is set.

Participants will enter and record their own scores on the associated Google sheet. For the sake of honest competition, we ask that you have a “witness” who is timing you while completing each component. This can be any Newbsanity person, friend, family member, Ali, or Jarrett (but not Jarvis). Witnesses are encouraged to take photos/videos that we can use to make a Time Trial highlight video (we prefer horizontal view vs vertical view for formatting purposes).