The Newbsanity Points Series is designed to crown the best all-around adventure athlete in the Northeast. Besides being a certified badass, winners will receive personalized embroidered jackets. Athletes can earn points at the following events:


1/15: Night Ops Challenge/FIT Ultra

2/6: Frozen Four Miler

5/14: Mud Gauntlet

7/16: Extreme Ravine

8/20: Newbsanity Ultra

9/18: Commando Cup

Award Classifications:

  -Under 20 m/w

  -20-29 m/w

  -30-39 m/w

  -40-49 m/w

  -50-59 m/w

  -60-69 m/w

  -70+ m/w

Points Structure:​

  • Your age group for the points series is based on your age as of our first event (Frozen Four Miler 2/21/21)

  • Each event is worth a maximum of 200 Points. 

  • Points are earned in two ways:

    • Points are awarded at each event based on overall finish position within your gender.

    • Participation in a Newbsanity Challenge at an event

      • Newbsanity Challenges are worth 5 Points (ex: Bathing Suit at Frozen Four Miler). When a Newbsanity ​challenge is in effect the Performance points will start at 195 instead of 200. 

  • Performance Points (1st =200, 2nd=199, 3rd=198, etc.) or (1st=195, 2nd=194, 3rd=193 etc.)

  • The lowest score will be dropped and a champion will be determined based on their top six races.

    • Frozen Four Miler - Each participant will receive points based on their overall finish position within their gender. Bathing suit class participants will get an extra 5 points.

    • Mud Gauntlet - Must race the Newbsanity heat to receive points.

    • Extreme Ravine - Points are awarded based on your place at the 5K, even if you are competing in the 15K.

    • Commando Cup - Each team member will earn the full amount of points based on the team's overall finish. There are no age or gender classifications.

      • Commando Cup team points (1st=200, 2nd=196, 3rd=192, etc.)

  • To be eligible for an award, you must participate and earn points in at least three Newbsanity events during the season.