STAP Mud Gauntlet - 2016

Awesome weather, new obstacles and the promise of great barbecue  brought hundreds of people out for the the 3rd annual STAP Mud Gauntlet at the Newbsanity Adventure Center.


The Newbsantiy points heat was stacked with OCR talent and it resulted in some awesome action out on the course. On the women's side, two-time defending Mud Gauntlet champion Jen Reis and Katie Vitali, who was fresh off back-to-back top ten finishes at Battlefrog Florida and Savage Race, were chasing after Frozen Four Miler champion Sara Korba. Despite their efforts, Jen and Katie were not able to reel Sara in and at the line it was Sara Korba, followed by Katie Vitali and then Jen Reis. The men's race was equally as exciting with Jack Kuhn and Jared Jordan setting a blistering early pace, but lurking in third was Logan Nagle from the OCR team Strength and Speed. As the race approached the final few obstacles Jack had stretched his lead to almost a minute, with Logan and Jared coming off Storming the Gate dead even. Logan finished hard, passing Jared and claiming this year's runner-up honors.


The course featured  new trails, new swamps and two new showcase obstacles: Royal Flush and Ape Hanger. Royal Flush is a set of 5 angled walls that are perfectly placed on the course to zap your energy before RipCurl (and one of the reasons no participants made it up the Newbsanity lane of Ripcurl unassisted at this event). Ape Hanger is a grip rig with three lanes of increasing difficulty. Congratulations to Matt Pullano and his son Jon Pullano, who were the only two participants to conquer the Newbsanity grip lane of Ape Hanger. 


Special thank you to the Southern Tier Aid Program (STAP) for all of their hard work in making this event a success and for all of the great things they do for our community.


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