Frozen Four Miler

February 8th, 2015


The inaugural Frozen Four Miler saw participants tackle a wickedly challenging course in harsh winter conditions. Competitors galloped through knee deep snow, climbed steep hills and powered over a smattering of NEWBSANITY snowbanks. For the truly insane there was a bathing suit division that ran a two mile course, while the other “normal” competitors battled a four mile loop.


Streaking to the finish line first in the men’s bathing suit division was Bill Crandell (18:44), a familiar face at NEWBSANITY events. Crandell’s Commando Cup team Swamp Dawgs wrapped up the 2014 season with a victory, and he was also the 2013 Extreme Ravine overall champion. In the women’s bathing suit class, Kat Hores braved the elements and found her way to the front in a winning time of 21:21.


The men’s four mile division was blitzed by NEWBSANITY newcomer Jeremy White, who got out front early, gutted his way through the miles of fresh powder like an ice breaking barge, and won the race in a time of 35:02. On the women’s side Tracy Baumgart snagged another piece of NEWBSANITY hardware with a winning time of 36:56.


We would also like to recognize Kevin Bartow’s epic swimwear and mountain-man beard combo, Scott Towery for deciding to crank out a second four mile loop and Mark Curley of Edward Jones Investments for being the best in the business and continuing to help us make these events a reality!


Next Event: Mud Gauntlet April 19th (






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