Clapped Out Nationals

October 15, 2017 -- 1:00 PM

The fourth annual Clapped Out Nationals course will include a combination of motocross, hare scramble, and endurocross sections. This wildly entertaining event will test your motorcycle skills as you battle the bike, competition and spectator laughter.  There will be two classes for this years event, the “Clapped  Out” class and the 100cc air cooled class.


Clapped Out Class: Any size, kind or brand of bike, as long as the value does not exceed $200.  For example, if you purchase a bike for this event and spend only $150, you can have an additional $50 for parts.  Once again, total expenditure may not exceed $200.  If you already have an old junker sitting around and you are wondering if it will qualify, bring it out and our distinguished panel of judges will determine if it falls into the “Clapped out” category. Hint...The worse it looks and the more mechanical issues it may have, the better!


For the Clapped out class, everyone will ride moto one on their “clapped out ride” and for the second moto, we will draw random numbers and you will be riding someone else’s bike. Added bonus points come from the most “clapped out” riding outfit and we sometimes give points for the best “slowest take out move” of the day. 


*Strategy hint: You don’t want your bike to be too good because that will benefit someone else in the second moto) 


100cc or Smaller —Air Cooled:  Any brand, any year, as long as it is air cooled.


**No practice will be held as most of the clapped out bikes are on barrowed time as it is.


Signup: $25 (Cash) per class, includes BBQ at post event awards ceremony.  Signup  will be held race day 12:30 to 1:00 PM 




790 Dunham Hill Rd

Binghamton, NY 13905


Reserve your spot today or ask us a question about the event:

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