Clapped Out Nationals


The second annual clapped out nationals lived up to its reputation as a dazzling display of two wheeled mechanical beauty. Last year Jarry Newby suffered defeat at the hands of Tad Sulton, but with months to trick out his bike... Jarry spared no-expense (spending well over $5) to upgrade his ride. A new spark plug and a bungee cord made his bike somewhat rideable, giving him no sort of advantage as the feild blasted in front of him soon after gate drop. However the moto-gods smiled down up Jarry keeping his bike as agile as a cement truck as he wrestled it around the course and past a number of broken down riders, including Tad Sulton, on his way to the overall victory. Jay Mitrowitz traded in the fan favorite "water buffalo" from last year’s event in favor of a new whip. While some tears were shed by grief stricken fans at the news that Jay would not be riding the "water buffalo", he piloted his new ride to a victory in the 100cc air-cooled class.  





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